Selling Your First Home

How to make your first sale a hassle-free experience

By bridgeMLS

One thing that is only obvious once you have done it, is that the process of selling a home is very different to that of buying one. For anyone faced with selling their first home, whether that to find something bigger for a growing family, or just to move to a different area for work, that difference in process can be a shock. It can also lead to difficult challenges that could be avoided with more knowledge and preparation. In this guide, we give you the information to help make your first sale a hassle-free experience.

Make Your Home Market Ready

One of the most common mistakes made by first-time sellers is list the property for sale before thinking about getting it ready for potential buyers. This is a problem, and it can make the selling process longer and even put buyers off. Think about when you bought your home, you looked around, took in every detail to make sure it was right. Well, buyers will do the same to your property, and if they turn up before you have put right even those little problems, it can make them look elsewhere. Importantly, when your property is new on the market, that is when you may get the first rush of potential buyers, and that s why it is so important to get everything ready before it is listed.

From a coat of paint to small repairs, they are worth the investment to get your home looking its best and ready for when buyers turn up. Remember, the better your home looks, the higher price you may get for it.

Choose A Real Estate Agent

If there is one thing you need to help you get the best price for your property, it is professional knowledge of the market, and especially the negotiating process. A real estate agent provides that and more, and even more so than when buying, is essential for selling your home.

A good agent will help you maximize the value of the property, but also help you get that sale as quickly as possible, however not all agents are the same. Always talk to a few before choosing, and don’t assume that the agent who helped you to buy the property is best placed to help you sell it. Look for an agent with a good track record of success when selling to ensure you get the fastest sale at the very best price.

Timing! Timing!! Timing!!!

Location matters but timing is everything. Study the market to find out when the best time to list is. There are fluctuations throughout the year, with sellers’ markets, buyers’ markets and balanced markets coming and going as time passes. You want to target the sellers’ market to drastically increase your chances of a fast sale and the best price. Know the market, enjoy the results!

Set the right Price

If you see a property that has been sat forever on the market and never selling, the reason is usually the price, No one wants to buy an overpriced property, home buyers are always looking for the bargain instead.

You can look at the current market to get an idea for the right price for your home, but this can be easier said than done. This is the area where your real estate agent will provide the market insight and professional experience you need. They understand the market and its relationship with price, and they will help you get the best value possible for your home.

Once you are ready to sell, get in touch with your local real estate agents today and get things moving.

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