Stop Hate in Real Estate

Unite against hate. Choose compassion

By bridgeMLS on 9/29/2023

Our nation was built “…by the people, for the people” and we are “created equal…with unalienable rights that are among these are life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.” Yet there are times, like today, when discrimination and hatred of others become louder and more invasive. Far too many are being impacted by the current wave of hate and discrimination. This includes those being forced to leave, or consider, leaving their homes, friends, families and jobs for safer communities. Whether it be a record number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills, unprecedented anti-Asian and anti Hispanic hate crimes or opposition to the Black Lives Matter efforts, the vocal minority is loud. We believe that the overwhelming majority of real estate professionals are against hate. It is time for the majority - the real estate majority - to be a catalyst for change and eliminate hate in our nation.

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