Top 5 Support Calls For February 2024

By bridgeMLS on 3/3/2024

Top 5 Support Calls For February 2024


Here are the top 5 MLS Questions for the month of February 2024:


Customizing Searches - The Paragon system allows users to search by nearly all available listing data field from the listing input module. If the Criteria you wish to search by is unavailable in the Primary, Secondary, or the Advanced criteria section, you can easily add these fields into your search. 

This can be done by using the Customize button located above the search criteria. 


Issues locating buyer agents . If the buyer agent profile is not a selectable option in the input system, you can add the profile “Out of Area non member”. Then add the actual agent’s DRE number in the buyer agent DRE field. This will allow you to save the listing. 

Editing closed listings. If you need to make changes to a closed listing, simply email us at with your request and we can update the closed listing for you. Please note that certain conditions require additional documents and some restrictions may apply.

Days on Market Counters - The days on market and the cumulative days on market fields are both calculated differently. Days on market follows the MLS number from the date the property was listed. The cumulative days on market counter follows the property's address and apn number. To reset the cumulative days on market counter, the listing agreement must be cancelled for over 30 days. A new listing agreement must be signed before the property can be entered into the MLS with a new MLS number.



Statistic Search -  bridgeMLS members can easily conduct reports of Market Statistics by using the Statistical Reporting Module located in the Resources button. 

For more information, please contact MLS Support at 925-363-2333 or 


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